41/60 The “Father Christmas” scale

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When I’ve young piano pupils learning their scales at this time of year, I sell them D major as “The Christmas Scale”.

Yes, I know, offering a scale as a Christmas Treat might not seem to be totally in the spirit of Christmas Cheer.

But it has F sharp and C sharp! If you teach this mnemonic for sharp key signatures

“Father Christmas Gives Dad An Electric Blanket”

then, obviously, D major is the most seasonal scale to teach now. So, I do try and reach this scale in December. Anything to liven up the process of learning scales. Mostly, the pupils are happy to go along with the Christmas theme.

It’s not so appropriate at other times of year, though…. but I have a cunning plan….

(The partner mnemonic for the flats is “Blanket Explodes And Dad Gets Cold Feet”)

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