This is the picture I used to launch this site, all those years ago.

Entering the jungle

The first half of this year became steadily more and more overwhelming with various family issues, and something had to give way. Nothing majorly major – just a sheer volume of events and incidents that took most of my time and energy.

So, for the first seven months of this year, it was The Music Jungle that had to be abandoned, in the interests of sanity preservation.

Happily, my sanity has been preserved, and I’m revitalised and ready for the new school year!

My teaching schedule has changed quite markedly since I started the Music Jungle. Back then, I was mostly doing primary school class music teaching in one form or another, with some piano teaching in the evenings. I have now cut down on the class teaching, especially the type that is most admin-heavy.

paper tiger cubI’m hoping that this will make life more relaxed  in future.

french/chinese tiger

From Monday, I will be doing a whole lot of piano teaching, and some theory teaching, partly as a private teacher working from home, and also working in schools as an independent teacher or for the local County Music Hub.

Then there will be group recorder lessons, for the local County Music Hub and, if all goes well, privately, and also three whole class sessions in primary schools per week, one guitar (who knew I could play guitar? Well, it appears that I can!) and two djembe.

Finally, I have been running a small adult djembe workshop for a couple of years, that’s small as in the number of people who come, not the size of the people or their drums.

I’ll be trying to post a couple of times per week this term – and see how it goes.

So, look out for a djembe page, coming soon, and hearing about my guitar teaching exploits in the future!

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