Piano Jungle – All about A – beginner

Right, I’m assuming that you can find A on the piano keyboard… Skip the next paragraph if you know your ‘A’s.

Forgotten? OK no worries. Can you remember C? No? Here we go.

First, look for the TWO BLACK NOTES, not the the three black notes. The one in the middle of the pair of black notes is D, as in D for DOG. So, the note to the left is C for CAT,, move another step down and you will get B for, now, what could B be for…, Oh yeah, BEE! Another step down is A. Check your A against this picture; A for…. you choose.

So, as a warm up, play all the As on your keyboard, up and down.

Now, play them all with your thumbs, left or right, up and down.

Finally, choose an A for your left hand thumb, and one for your right hand thumb. Lay your other fingers neatly on the keys so that you look like a pianist. Count a steady 1 2 3 4, and on the first count, play your left A, and on the third count, play your right A; A sh A sh

On music, it looks like the first four bars of the music below.

Try going left A on count 1, and two right As; A sh A A that’s the next four bars

Try A sh AAA – woah! have you noticed that the first of the right hand As are joined together? They are quavers, making the same rhythm as the words ‘jelly bean’

What happens next? Aha, the right hand is playing A B; use finger 2 for B .

At bat 21, all the right hand notes are joined together. And you will need finger 3! The rhythm here is jellyjelly. Or make up your own words.

Oh no! The right hand notes have disappeared at the end? What will you do? Stop, or make up new tunes?

Now, this is just the beginning. Watch out for a ‘next steps’ post in a few days.

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