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Issue 99: Pitched Percussion Samba

This year I will be teaching two samba classes with around children 40 in each group. So what! So the kits supplied to the schools will only have 32 instruments, and will need to be supplemented, so that everyone gets … Continue reading

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Issue 97: The Junk Samba Kit

Last summer I amused myself by creating a junk samba kit. I had bought a 15-player kit, but they are pretty expensive, so if I was going to teach a whole class samba I needed more instruments but at less … Continue reading

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Issue 95: Samba on Saturday, and Boomwhackers

I caught just the last five minutes of a vibrant samba performance by a local Junior School in the town centre this afternoon as I nipped in for last minute shopping before closing time. About thirty children and a couple … Continue reading

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Issue 92: Creating a New Samba

Most of the sambas that I teach come from the Beatlife book that I have mentioned before. I start with a fairly easy set of rhythms, at a moderate tempo, and work up to more complex ones as time goes … Continue reading

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Issue 87: Kumala Vista – singing, samba, djembe, recorders, percussion

Since I’ve found this song all over the place, and have been taught it by ear on various occasions, by various teachers, I hope I’m okay in giving the words and melody here. It’s also in this book Kumala Vista where … Continue reading

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Issue 86: Tambourines

I’ve just added another set of instruments to the armoury that I keep in the back of the car; a bag of eight simple tambourines (without skins). I spotted them in a display of random wooden instruments in a shop that … Continue reading

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Issue 51: Samba in Church

A few Sundays ago,  I took my junk samba kit into church. I had planned to just set it up outside and have a bit of a bash before the service began, but the musicians inside heard the racket, sorry, … Continue reading

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Issue 50: A new venture – running workshops

You may have spotted my advertisement for a series of samba workshops in Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex, at the end of August. This is the culmination of weeks – nay, months – of ruminating and research. There were so many questions to be … Continue reading

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