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Issue 119: Timbre and Samba

  I took some time out of the samba lesson at one of my classes to discuss timbre. The samba instruments are all very different, apart from perhaps tamborim and repinique which both have a fairly hard “tak tak” sound. What … Continue reading

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New Year Issue 117: Junk Samba and The Three Kings

This is the last of the (almost) daily Christmas and New Year posts over the Christmas holiday. The new term starts tomorrow with a staff training day. Then – wham! – straight into the standard teaching schedule, so I will be … Continue reading

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New Year Issue 117: Monkey Business

Lying in bed before the alarm went off this morning, I came up with this little body/vocal percussion number Monkey Business 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + Big Ba- boon (stamp) (click) Chimp-  -an zee (click)  (click) tan … Continue reading

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Issue 115: Samba for Everyone

I’ve yet to make my fortune as a samba workshop leader, but I have had some memorable moments this year. In the summer holidays I ran a morning session at a “Stay-cation” holiday club at a local church. I guess … Continue reading

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Issue 113: Jingle Bells

This is Jingle Bells time of year with a vengeance. Last week I taught it on recorders, boomwhackers, chime bars, keyboards, ukuleles, xylophones and glockenspiels. And on piano. And in samba. Mostly, I used the letters; here it is for … Continue reading

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Issue 105: Rabbit run on the frozen ground

This is a great little children’s song from Kentucky. I first came across is in Jo McNally’s “Young Voiceworks” anthology – a resource I go back to time and time again (Warm up and Stomp Cannon, Star light, star bright, … Continue reading

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Issue 104: Sambalele (is a monkey)

This is a neat little song about a monkey. I’ve come across it in a number of different versions, all with roughly the same tune, but with varied lyrics and slightly altered rhythms. This is the version that I am … Continue reading

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Issue 100: An Octave of Boomwhackers

Last week, I posted on my cunning plan to add boomwhackers to two of my samba groups to allow for larger classes of around 40 children. I had some time to spare, and occupied myself with working out how to … Continue reading

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