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Issue 78: Bach; The Crab Canon and the Mobius Strip

I’ve always enjoyed mobius strips. We used to make them when I was young – a “wet Sunday afternoon” activity in the days before computer games and mobile phones. Well, to be totally frank, in the days before home computers … Continue reading

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Issue 77: Bach and a Labyrinth

I was teaching a nice little minuet in a piano lesson the other day, and it struck me how much it had in common with walking a labyrinth. The thing is, unlike a maze, a labyrinth doesn’t have dead ends, … Continue reading

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Issue 6: Playing Bach

My parents listened to a lot of records when I was young, and three particular recordings of Bach have stayed with me over the years.  They are: George Malcolm playing the Italian concerto on the harpsichord, the Swingle Singers, and the Jacques Loussier Trio. … Continue reading

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