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Issue 115: Failing a Music Theory Exam

As¬†occasionally happens, (VERY occasionally, let me add!), one of my pupils has failed a music exam. Theory, this time. I reckoned there was a good chance that they might pass, but I wouldn’t have bet on it. Why did they … Continue reading

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Issue 93: After the Exams

What do you teach your pupils after their music exam? Do you plunge straight into the next grade?¬† I know of many a teacher who does exactly that, and also many a parent who also wants to get on straightaway … Continue reading

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Issue 91: Sight-Reading Skills

I have been doing a crash-course in sight-reading for several pianists recently. Although this is written with the piano in mind, the same process would work on other instruments. This is what I do for grades higher than 1 and … Continue reading

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Issue 83: These Music Exams

Every so often, I put myself in the position of my pupils; I take a music exam. Unnecessarily? It started when I took my LTCL as an adult, after I had been working in the computer industry for many years. … Continue reading

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Issue 79: Music Exam Season again!

It’s that time of term, when a procession of children and young people beat a path to my door bearing all kinds of instruments, and in all kinds of mental states, and in every different stage of readiness for their … Continue reading

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Issue 55: Trinity or Associated Board

I’ve always “done” Associate Board music exams. I did them a a child, I teach them as an adult, and I accompany for them as well. I kind of know where I am with them. This is in spite of … Continue reading

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