Issue 27: “Put all your soul into it”

“Put all your soul into it, play it the way you feel!” Frederic Chopin, possibly born on 22nd February in 1810

This is another quotation snaffled from DailyMusicQuote on twitter.

The problem is that many students go straight to this stage of playing, without properly passing through thepreliminary stages of notes, fingering, rhythm, pulse, articulation, dynamics…there is a long list of pre-requisites to fulfil before you can realistically “Put all your soul into it”.

The groundwork is essential.

Chopin with a rubato which is not based on a true pulse is like jelly that hasn’t set. Bach with dodgy fingering has all the elegance of someone walking barefoot over gravel. Mozart without controlled articulation is like having lumpy custard poured over your pudding.

You just have to bite the bullet and engage with the fundamental issues before attempting the transcendental interpretation.

After all, Chopin clearly believed in the importance of technical excellence – he did write all those terrifying studies!

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