Issue 27: Whatcher gonna do – pulse game

This is a simple listen and copy game which is proving very popular with my Primary School Classes.

Everyone chants  “Whatcher gonna do? Whatcher gonna do?” while performing the actions. Then the leader performs an action, and everyone copies it.

Here’s how to get it going;

Over four counts, set up the action pattern: 1 Pat knees  2 Clap  3 Click fingers  4 Click fingers again

Once this is stable, explain that everyone is going to chant  “Whatcher Gonna Do?” over four counts while performing the actions. (If your lesson plan includes the word “ostinato”, now is the time to point out that the actions are an ostinato, in other words a repeated pattern)

To play the game,

chant “Whatcher gonna do” twice, then over the next four counts the leader does something (improvises); for example, a vocal sound (“Wheeee”) or an action (stamp your feet, or clap), and over the next four counts everyone copies what the leader did.

Extension; standing in a ring, each child in turn is the leader while maintaining the overall pulse – it is a good idea to give the children an opportunity to practise “What they are going to do” before you start.

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