Issue 26: Welcome to the Music Jungle

Twenty-six issues to date – that must mean we have been up and running for six months.

I have been researching web-sites over the half-term break (that sounds so much more impressive than just saying “surfin da web” and have come across all sorts of ideas to share. This week I am featuring a Kodaly and Orff site which has provided me with two very good ideas from just their latest post; a variety of circle pulse games, including “The cup game” which I am determined to try with my year 5 and 6 children, and inspiration to do a classroom orchestra project including partner-percussion with a year 3 and 4 class.

I’ve also written up a piano lesson I taught before just before half term where slow, patient work has won the day – at long last. I remember a quote from the book “The Piano Shop on the Left Bank” by T E Carhart; “The enemy of progress is impatience”.

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