Issue 32: My new guitar! Now saving for a piano…

I have just bought myself an acoustic guitar. I have fiddled around with a classical guitar, off and on, over the last thirty years or more, but found it a totally useless instrument for class tuition, as it has no neck strap. You have to keep picking it up and putting it down, and it isn’t very loud, and you have to play it sitting down.

So, last month, I went into a music shop (to buy something quite different and much, much cheaper) and, for a laugh, asked the assistant if they had any guitars suitable “for a lady”. With great good humour he took me to the guitar showroom and picked out a “Baby Taylor”.

I know nothing about guitars, but I was smitten. It has a bold, full, bright sound, is light, and, wonder of wonders, I can actually play bar chords on it, because it is that little bit smaller than average. It now goes everywhere with me, and I have transposed all my usual repertoire of children’s songs into G and D for now (I’m still a bit slow at getting to F; that’s on my list for things to do over the Easter holidays)

A while back, I heard of someone who had invented a 7/8 size keyboard for a standard piano. The accompaying article makes a lot of sense to me.

Now, there’s a really, really good idea. As someone with small hands, who can barely stretch an octave, a concert-sized “Baby Bösendorfer” (and a house big enough to put it in) would be the perfect gift.


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