Issue32: Welcome to the Jungle

I’ve spent this morning at our regular end-of-term music services staff training day. In all the business that we had to cover, there was some time set aside for getting together in groups to discuss and share ideas for teaching different instruments, and today I was with guitar and ukulele teachers rather than keyboards. We spent some time in sharing one-chord songs for Wider Opportunities groups, and I have listed them here.

I have recently bought myself a small acoustic guitar, which I find so much easier to play than a full size one. This reminded me of an article about the benefits of having a 7/8 size keyboard for your piano . What a great idea for people like me with small hands!

I’ve also put up a list of songs for introducing the next note – A –  for keyboard, clarinet and treble recorders, as this is what I will be doing next term with several of my Wider Opportunities classes.

Oh, and if you are reading this before midnight on Saturday 31st March, then that’s the deadline for using up your allocation of 6 free song downloads from the site; after then you will probably have to pay to down load songs in future.

Have a lovely Easter break!


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