Issue 34: Welcome to the Music Jungle

Here we go again; just a few more days and then it’s back into the mad world of peripatetic music teaching – for me, at any rate.

I have spent the day roaming around Box Hill in Surrey. They have created a number of different trails. There is a strenuous 8 mile hike from the top of the hill, to the bottom, and up again (singing “the Grand old Duke of York” is optional). Another one is a gentle half hour stroll around the top of the hill. We chose the “Play Trail” and spent a happy couple of hours walking along strategically places fallen tree trunks, climbing trees and swinging off ropes. The leaflet accompanying the walk urged us to let the children climb, swing, and enjoy all the play opportunities we encountered. Well, we were a party of parents and children, never mind that when I calculated our average age the answer was around 40!

The leaflet proclaimed that “you don’t stop playing when you are older, you become older when you stop playing” or words to that effect. I’m fairly sure that this could apply to playing music as well as playing hide and seek.

Anyway, this week, in the jungle, you will find an idea for making practising fun and relevant,  my secret weapon for motivating Wider Opportunities classes, and the Yes/No game which goes with the “Pease Puddng Hot” song from last week.

Have fun!

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