Issue 40: Welcome to the Jungle

I think I have discovered the melting point of the average brain – around 22 degrees, I’d say. My poor piano students have been arriving all hot and bothered, but somehow they have (mostly) managed to hold their molten brain cells together for their allotted half hour.

It ended in a high for me – Friday 25th was the date of the annual West Sussex Music Services Primary Music Conference, and this year I was able to go. I am hoping to share some more of the information and ideas of the day in the coming months, but here’s something to be going on with; a link to the Federation of Music Services website where you can find this encouraging and colourful booklet. The other articles for this issue of the Music Jungle are the National Anthem written out for chime bars and what happened when we set to work to learn to play it, and the need for developing “mental muscles” in music students.

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