Issue 41: Speedshifter

This free download from the ABRSM website has been available here for some time;

I have been using it for a while now to change the speed of all kinds of backing tracks and recordings without changing the pitch. Currently I am using it to slow down backing tracks which do not have a separate “practise” version in order to prepare for the various end-of-term concerts which are coming into view.

It is also music exam season, and once again I am accompanying a number of candidates preparing for exams on different instruments at different grades.  As usual, many of them have been using the CD accompaniments in their practise. I find that all too often the students are scrabbling through their pieces, desperately trying to keep up with the professional performance. Intonation, rhythm, rests, dynamics and musical interpretation all become casualties, discarded along the way like so much excess baggage as they hurtle through the pieces.

Speedshifter to the rescue!

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