Issue 45: A Music lesson using The Shark Song

So, this may be a bit of cheat, making two posts out of one song – but here comes one of the most enjoyable music lessons ever;

Having taught the shark song to everyone, you can now add instruments. Just fetch the entire contents of the percussion cupboard and get stuck in!

 Groups of children can practise playing the melody on tuned percussion. The chime bars and boomwhackers can be dished out so that two or three children work together. Others, who are a bit niftier with a beater, can extend themselves by playing the whole tune on glockenspiel or xylophones.

Meanwhile the rest of the class can work out which unturned percussion instruments can be used for the verses; something small and tinkly for baby shark – something big and fierce for Daddy shark? Which verse shall we use the guiro in? What is the best sound for “swim for shore”?

By the end of the lesson,  you should have a fully orchestrated version of the song. Record, playback, discuss, improve. Brace yourself; the children will be singing the song in the playground, on their way home, unconsciously in their maths lessons, for the rest of term.

I have done this lesson in keyboard Wider Opportunities classes. The children chose different voices to suit each verse. In the end of term concert, they sang the song first, with the actions, and then performed it, changing the voices at an impressive speed between each verse.


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