Issue 45: The Shark Song

If you are looking for something to teach in a hurry for an end-of-term concert, look no further than “The Shark Song”

I learnt this song a couple of years ago from a year 4 Wider Opportunities class which had been away on a school activity week. It has become one of the most popular warm-up songs ever.

Here it is;                       


Baby shark – open and close a small mouth using thumb and fingers of one hand

Mummy shark – open and close medium mouth using hands joined at wrist

Daddy shark – open and close large mouth using whole arms (like crocodiles)

Grandma shark – like Mummy, but fingers tucked in like fists (no teeth)

Grandpa shark – like Mummy, but fingers spread out to interlace when closed

Surfing dude – mime being a surfer on board (look REALLY cool)

Shark attack – hands on head pointing up like shark fins

Swim for shore – pretend to swim (ON THE SPOT!)

Lose an arm – hold arm up, let lower arm swing from elbow

Lose a leg – stand on one leg, fold other up against thigh

Lifeguard run – pretend to run (ON THE SPOT!)

CPR – mime CPR action – hands clasped, pump up and down

Gone to heav’n – hands in prayer position, look upwards, sound “holy”

(spoken) “come back as a” – dramatic pause – (sing) Baby shark etc



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