Issue 45: Welcome to the Jungle

Hi there everyone! I’m sorry you had to wait for this week’s issue. Once again, we exceeded our bandwidth. This was partly due to a technical problem; some of my pictures were too big, and I need to make a point of remembering to compress them before uploading them (please take a moment to admire my insouciant use of techy jargon – a year ago I would have understood nothing of what I have just typed, and now I nearly understand quite a lot of it!).

The other reason is a very much more encouraging one – visitor numbers continue to rise! Hurrah hurrah! I shall invest in more bandwidth to avoid this happening yet again in the future.

This week, there is a link to yet another Olympic song, This one is about the Olympic Mascots. We’ve also got The Shark Song, and a fun lesson to go with it.

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