Issue 58: “My name is Freddy and I like Football”

I found this idea here:

I suggest you start with getting a steady pulse going, of the “knees click click” variety before you play the game.

This is a cut-and-paste from the site:

I start: “My name is Heather and I like cheese

Everyone echoes this: “Your name is Heather and you like cheese.”

Next person:

“My name is Andrew and I like pizza”

“Your name is Andrew and you like pizza”

It’s a good exercise for 8-12 year olds in keeping a steady beat, fitting
words with the beat, coming in at the right time, individual speech etc.

It also helps you learn their names! You can have a different category for
three weeks in a row, and have a good chance of memorizing their names
before too long.

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