Issue 58: Welcome to the Jungle

Hello everyone, what ever your name is!

I have concentrated on a single theme this week. This is because, three weeks into the term, the children have all learned my name, but I haven’t managed to learn all their names. Life is so unfair – they only have to remember one name, but I reckon I am teaching over 400 children this year, in groups ranging from one at a time to upwards of forty. I reckon I know about 150 names securely, which is pretty good going, considering I only see them once a week, for thirty weeks of the year.

I’m getting better at it, but even now there are some children that I have been teaching¬†every week for three years and I still can’t remember their name. Only one or two schools use the name badges that I have provided, and that does make a lot of difference when it comes to learning names, and also managing the class. Mind you, when it came to creating the name badges I found that several schools wrote the children’s name in beautiful flowing copper-plate script using a fine-nib pen and pale blue ink…

Nowadays I write the badges myself using a Big Black Marker Pen.

Anyway, here we go: three name games to spin out the number of weeks and number of ways you can give yourself more chances to learn who’s who!

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