Issue 59: Composing simple “So-Mi” songs

I was delighted at how quickly the children were able to understand the concept of a simple notation for writing songs based on the two notes “soh” and “mi”, as used in the “Star Light” song.

Having learned to sing “Star Light”, I wrote it up on the board like this:

Star         star               first            see to          .

        light,         bright          star I            night


The children had no difficulty at all in understanding that the syllables above the line were the “higher” notes, and the ones below were lower. When I re-arranged the pitches, they were soon able to sing the new songs at sight: for example

Pizza, Fish and                                        lovely        .

                         Chips to night, what a           sight

The children were full of ideas for songs, and suggested several improvements to the examples I offered. I am hoping that next week we will be able to sing and play some of their own compositions.   

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