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Issue 60: Welcome to The Jungle

Friday again. It’s been a mixed kind of week for me, for all sorts of reasons, but this photograph kind of summed it up in one image: I took this photograph of the rainbow over the school playground as the last lesson finished … Continue reading

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Issue 60: Resource for Traditional Songs

I just stumbled upon this! My word, what a great free resource! You get audio, video, lyrics, and a link to a “Sounds Stimulus Library”. Definitely worth a visit, and not just for Early Years classes.

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Issue 60: Learning and “the natural musician”

I’m not sure if I AM a “natural musician”. I stand in awe of my colleagues who can play their instrument so much more fluently than me, who can hold a part, keep a rhythm all in an apparently effortless … Continue reading

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Issue 60: Great Big House in New Orleans

This is a catchy traditional American song, using the pentatonic scale.  I have used it as a circle game; children take it in turns to choose the pie – banana, chocolate and mud being some of the more popular flavours, … Continue reading

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Issue 59: Welcome to the Jungle

The last issue of The Music Jungle was based on a single theme, and so is this one. I have been using a simple little song in my Wider Opportunities ukulele classes this week. From the one song has come a … Continue reading

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Issue 59: Star Light, Star Bright – playing and strumming

This traditional song, “Star light, star bright” which I first came across in the excellent OUP “Young Voiceworks” books which I have mentioned before, is a most useful starting point for a whole series of musical journeys. It is based … Continue reading

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Issue 59: Beginning to To Read Music Notation

The song, “Star Light”, which is a feature of this week’s Jungle, is a lovely way in to learning to read music notation. RHYTHM; The song has a good mix of combinations of crotchets and quavers in every bar. I … Continue reading

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Issue 59: Composing simple “So-Mi” songs

I was delighted at how quickly the children were able to understand the concept of a simple notation for writing songs based on the two notes “soh” and “mi”, as used in the “Star Light” song. Having learned to sing … Continue reading

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