Issue 73: The Snow is Dancing

This is a lovely piano piece by Debussy from the suite “Children’s Corner” (which is where the more famous “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” comes from).

I was in London on Friday. From my window, in the morning, I could see across the roof-tops and curly-whirly chimney-pots to the London Eye and the Shard, until the weather closed in. The view became obscures and confused behind the snow, that fell in a chaotic curtain of fine white flakes, dancing crazily around, up, down, this way, that way. If I had had a recording of this music on my mp3 player, I would have played it over and over again as I stood watching.

snow in London

A quick search on you-tube turns up hundreds of performances, mainly for piano (as one would expect!) but also for

saxophone quartet


orchestra (Caplet) (this is the complete suite – the snow starts at 11:05 minutes)

percussion group (one of my favourites)

The last one is by the Amadinda Percussion Group. They are a magical new find for me, (although they have been around for 1984!)  and I will definitely be putting their recording onto my next wish-list.

back on topic – snow is dancing – here is the link to the amazon mp3 downloads site. As well as piano versions, you can find a violin, flute and harp trio, harp duet, and a number of orchestral versions.!77925031%2Ck%3Adebussy%20snow%20is%20dancing%2Cp_n_format_browse-bin%3A78187031%2Cp_n_format_browse-bin%3A78187031


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