Issue 76: Lah-di-dah

This is a brilliant pulse, rhythm, concentration, coordination, collaboration game.

I first came across it at a twilight training session for music teachers, and I have to say that we were complete duffers at it. However a year 5 6 class managed it straight away (we had spent two weeks on the “Zum galli galli” game so they were used to the process already).

Here’s the chant:

Lah-di-dah, Lah-di-dah,


The children sit cross-legged in a neat circle with a bean bag or similar (we find the plastic cones shaped like cereal bowls with the bottoms cut out are perfect for these kind of activities)

Eventually each child will have a bean bag, and will move their bean bags round the circle in a beautiful synchronised motion, but start with just yourself for now.

For the first two parts of the chant, it goes as follows; On LAH, pick up your bean bag with your RIGHT hand. On the DAH, put it down in front of the child on your LEFT.

For the third part of the chant, you pick up on LAH as before, move it across as if to put it down on DAH, but keep hold and move it back to the right on DAH before moving it back to the left and putting it down on DAH

Once you’ve got it going slowly, try increasing the tempo…. It is the most satisfying sight to see 33 children all moving their bean bags in perfect unison.. After we’ve played a game like this, I will often stop and ask them what skills or qualities they need in order to make it work. Try it yourself!



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