Issue 76: Teaching ukulele chord G

I had a mad moment last Tuesday when I decided to teach chord G to a year 3 ukulele class. I was originally going to teach the song “Once a man fell in a well” starting on F, using chords F and C which they already know. But at the moment I am feeling more inclined to sing tenor than soprano (I’ve had a cough and cold for tooooo long), so I thought I’d give it a go in C:

 The song took just a few minutes to teach. Then, how to teach chord G? In the end it was remarkably simple. The shape of the chord chart looks, to my eyes, like the head of a puppy-dog: two eyes and a nose. Luckily the children were quite happy with my efforts at drawing a dog.

 They had no trouble with getting “finger 2 into space 2” – it is a similar idea to chord C which is “finger 3 in space 3”. Then we had to get the other eye in place “finger 1 on the same level as finger 2, but missing out a string” and finally “finger 3 on the puppy’s nose”

With the fingers more or less firmly in place, we sang the song, adding only the G chords on the words “in a well”, “sound-ed” “fall-en in” “He”. It became a bit of a game, making sure to play on the first word and not the last words of the fourth line.

When ths was all going well, we added the C chord at the end of the last line “drown-ed”. It was all much easier than I had anticipated.

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