Issue 80: Welcome to The Music Jungle

Did I mention that it’s exam season? Sure I did! Last Saturday I accompanied two young violinists (they passed!). Today (Saturday again) I accompanied another beginner violinist. Last Thursday I spent two half hours teaching Trinity aural at grade 7 and 8 – well out of my comfort zone as I usually teach ABRSM. That was really tough – sight reading the aural test pieces and playing them four times over EXACTLY as written,with  the same notes, articulation, tempo changes, phrasing, dynamics, and then twice more EXACTLY as written but incorporating two or three deliberate changes… That really fries the brain. I could barely string three words together afterwards. Yesterday (Friday) I worked with ten young instrumentalists practising the accompaniments and teaching them ABRSM aural tests.

That’s on top of the usual classroom and private teaching that fills my week. Still, some people have to work for a living, but I just play all day!


This week – One Direction – no, wait, don’t go; listen to what happens when this crowd get hold of their song. Using my Mp3 player to improve a recorder lesson, and finally, hints and tips, based on the past few days, for teaching ABRSM Grade 4 and 5 aural tests.


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