Issue 82: Welcome to the Jungle

Well, hi there everyone!

It’s been a bit of a packed week last week, and this weekend was pretty full on too, so I’ve got just the two posts for you this week.

Last week was the usual teaching round, plus an afternoon of accompanying yet more music exams. To my delight, the little violinists managed to play quite a few dotted minims along the way in Daisy Bell, and remarkably well in tune too. As usual, under exam pressure, usually reliable students tended to become a little wayward, so the Poulenc flute sonata (second movement) had rather more changes of time signature than are written in the score, but by and large we stuck together pretty well. It sounded good – if one wasn’t very familiar with this movement, one might not be too conscious of the difference between our version and Poulenc’s.

On Saturday I was part of a team leading a keystage 2 music enrichment day on Improvisation. We had the most delightful group of children, who behaved impeccably, worked hard, and were all confident on their flutes, cornets, violins, cellos, keyboards and recorders. Once child arrived with a djembe, and another with a full drum kit! At the end-of-day concert we performed three pieces, based on rhythm cards, the 12-bar blues, and Pachelbel’s Canon. I shall write these up in due course.

So, this week I am bringing you an account of a ukulele and recorder lesson using “Hot Cross Buns“, and information about the Pace-Egging tradition and a source for the associated song and play.


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