Issue 85: The Perils of The Dotted Crotchet

Today I managed to teach someone to play the rhythm for dotted crotchets and quavers with one-hundred-percent accuracy and understanding in less that three minutes! How wonderful is that!

I started with clapping a basic rhythm, counting one-and-two-and-one-and-two-and as we went along:

Then we clapped theĀ dotted crotchet version, but instead of counting in the usual way; “one and two and one and two and”, I substituted the word “glue” for “two”, because “you have to keep your hands glued together for the dot”:

It was such a simple change to the words, but it worked like magic. I shall wait to see what happens in her next piano lesson to see if this is going to be a permanent and long-lasting solution to teachingĀ a tricky rhythm.

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2 Responses to Issue 85: The Perils of The Dotted Crotchet

  1. Kerami Roberts says:

    Hi there, I teach piano and secondary music in the North East of England, UK and was searching for some fresh ideas to help student finding playing and counting dotted crotchets really difficult,

    I just wanted to thank you Kirsten for this post as IT WORKED!!!! I made a sheet with straight crotchets counting 1-2-3-4… then underneath the images you popped in your post (hope that’s ok) going from 1 and 2….to 1 and glue….

    We tapped it out, counting. And pupil hates counting out loud but the while ‘glue’ thing kind of broke that ice. We then sang and counted then played and counted…

    It took 10 / 15 minutes and then we looked at her last piece where she found dotted crotchets hard… and she played them perfect! We then went to new peice…and she counted and sightread with much more understanding. Many thanks!

    • Kirsten says:

      Thanks for this comment – I had totally forgotten about the glue! So I shall be re-posting it as it was such a success for that pupil.

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