Issue 85: Welcome to the Jungle


It’s Tuesday already, and to think that I used to try and post on Fridays! I’m sorry if you’ve been looking every day for four days to see what “pearls of wisdom” I would be sharing this week – but here we are, and Issue 85 is now up and ready to read.

I must have sung all ten verses of the Pirate Song at least 12 times today; Tuesday is Ukulele Day  this term, with four Wider Opportunities ukulele classes one after another. Two of the classes are only on their third ukulele lesson ever, so I was really pleased to see that many of the children were managing to switch between the C chord and F chord already.

I was pretty much recovered after the disaster recorder lesson the previous day, with a class that is challenging my patience and ingenuity. I am determined to find the way in to teaching this class – there will be a solution, I just haven’t found it yet.

Today finished with a small triumph over dotted crotchets which I am also sharing with you here.

I hope the rest of your week goes well.

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