Issue 86: Welcome to The Jungle

I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to attend the annual Primary School Music Teacher’s Conference arrange by our County Music Service (soon to be a Hub!) most years.

As a peripatetic music teacher one just dips in and out of a whole number of schools without every really getting involved with them.

As a class music teacher one gets to know the children and the school much better, but the opportunities for meeting other music teachers and sharing ideas and resources are fairly few and far between (that’s one of the reasons that I started this website)

Well, our conference took place last Friday, and I have reported on a few of the ideas and workshops that I experienced. The cup game (which you will find in an earlier edition of the Music Jungle here) has arrived in West Sussex and is proving extremely popular. It was demonstrated by some of the children at the same workshop where I learned this listening game using broomsticks.

My favourite workshop this year was on world percussion – probably because I just enjoyed it for its own sake, rather than trying to remember everything in order to use it in my own teaching when I got back to school. Although it has inspired me to try and see if I can teach the children how to just enjoy sound and music making for its own sake, rather than just learning to do it in order to – well – achieve something at some level or other.

Finally, I have to make a confession – I have bought eight tambourines


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