Issue 90: Welcome to the Jungle

And AGAIN I have to apologise for missing a week. What can I say? The skies were blue, (the wind was icy cold, slicing through the sunshine), the views were magnificent – and there was NO WIFI. What else do you expect when you are staying inside a thirteenth-century gatehouse.

No seriously, I have been staying in Peverells Tower, built around 1220 as one of the ancient entrances to Dover Castle. From the roof terrace, we could see all the way across the English Channel to the coast of France. Amazing. inspiring. But also impossible to get this issue of The Music Jungle online.

And then last week I was plunged into the chaos that follows getting rather earlier dates for forthcoming music exams than one had hoped for. I know, I know, you are supposed to be ready for the exams from the earliest possible date.

My plan is to make up for the gap in issues by writing a bonus issue mid-week. After all, if you are subscribing to The Music Jungle on your Kindle then I need to make sure you get your money’s worth…

This week: Singing Games , accompanying exams, and a link to some really good posts.


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