Issue 93: Bicycles as Mobile Music Boxes

This is Jon Madin and his musical bicycles at Turramurra:  It made me laugh out loud! I SO want to do this. However my bicycle is in several distorted and rusting pieces at the back of the garage. I am tempted to go out and BUY another one in order to make my own musical boxcycle.

There must be a real skill in all going at the right speed to keep the music together.

I have tripped across this great, great man before: indeed, I have two of his books: “Marimba Music”, and “Make Your Own Marimba” which you can see here at his website:

You can also get hold of some of his arrangements as free downloads, and listen to performances, at the website.

Just listening to anything that he is involved in makes me smile: (The marimbas get going properly at about 1’40” into the clip.)

If you don’t want to be playing one of those bonkers instruments, then…. well, I don’t know what to say. It just makes me Instantly Cheerful to hear those marimbas chunking out the rhythms.




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