Issue 93: Hoffnung and the Bicycle

I was certain – even without knowing it for sure – that a bicycle just had to be a part of the Gerald Hoffnung Legend.

Here is the link to his official website, and here, on page 4, my suspicions were confirmed (although only one cyclist is actually playing an instrument). I strongly recommend going and having a look – he was a musical genius in his way, and his little books of pictures, and the recordings of his concerts, are some of my favourite musical memories.

The pictures are copyright, so I have not posted any here. Howe3ver, there are a lot of them on the website above.

I have found a Youtube of “The Piano Concerto to End all Concertos” which is ruining my ability to concentrate on my spelling and grammar as I type… oh dear, I have rather strayed from the bicycle theme…

“Half a pound of tuppenny rice” has intruded into the music as I am trying to finish off this post. Oh no! I Oh Yes! Laugh Out Loud as “Roll Out the Barrel has forces it’s way in as well!


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