Issue 99: The Musician’s Way

This is a newsletter that I subscribe to; you can find it here.

The author Gerald Kickstein, always has a mix of articles and extracts from his book, also called “The Musician’s Way” which are usually interesting and helpful.

This week I followed up the links on “Increasing tempo in practice”, which is full of insights on why slow practice is important, especially as a preparation for learning to play fast passages, and also why sometimes it doesn’t seem to work when one tries to build up the tempo.

Here’s the list of articles in this newsletter:

  • Increasing tempo in Practice;
  • The secret to Sustainable Music Careers;
  • Making the Most of Music Lessons;
  • Speaking from the Stage
  • Let the Kid Study Music!
  • Mental Preparation
  • Concert Start Times
  • Musicpreneurs
  • Leadership and Jazz
  • Music Mitigates Dementia
  • On-Demand Touring
  • Singer’s Guide
  • Deep Practice
  • Asking for Donations
  • $422K for Commissions
  • Your Manager Wants a Deposit?
  • Constraints & Creativity
  • Two Bands, One Name
  • 8th Printing of “The Musician’s Way”
  • The Power of Positivity

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