Issue 99: Welcome to The Jungle

This is week three of the Summer holidays, and I have at last started to unwind. Perhaps I should clarify that last remark; I mean “unwind” as in relax, chill out, slow down, as opposed to “unwind” as come unravelled, fall to bits!

Last week I managed a complete week of Proper Music Practice and a Serious Look at the Grade 8 piano syllabus as well as various other things that I wanted to do, as opposed to clearing the list of things that Had To Be Done.

This week is more of a mixture, but I am achieving a nice balance between the two different categories.

I hope you are all managing to make the most of this break from teaching as well. I think it is an important time, to recharge, and rekindle the enthusiasm for what I consider to be The Best Job in the world!


This week: samba, “The Musician’s Way” newsletter, and thinking ahead to next term’s lessons – yeah – already!

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