Issue 104: Welcome to The Jungle

Autumn has arrived; grey days, gloomy weather… but we have been promised a last slice of Summer later this month. I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile I have changed my wardrobe for fleeces instead of T-shirts and shoes-and-socks instead of sandals.

However, I bring you a touch of Brazilian sunshine with a lovely little song, originally in Portuguese, about a monkey called Sambalele. That reminds me – who remembers this? It is one of my all-time favourite children’s songs; “Little Red Monkey”, Dick Bentley, Joy Edwards, Jimmy Edwards. I love the crooner, the diabolical violin playing, and the totally joyful rhythm: Here’s a YouTube of it;

Oh, where was I… oh yes… Serious Stuff; why bother to write a lesson review? Here’s why I bother.

And some fantastically popular music-and-movement games using the A C Black Developing Skills books; a very expensive but Very Worth the Money resource.

Here’s another thing: if you put “paddling swans image” into Google, the picture drawn for this website comes up second!

not-so-serene swan

Howzat? We were all a bit chuffed to see that. If you do borrow or copy any images from the site, the artist and I would be very grateful if you could add a credit. We are happy for you to use and share material from The Music Jungle so long as it is not for financial gain, respects the ethos of this site, and you also acknowledge your source. And we would like to know – we are always interested to see how the site is being used, and how we can improve it.

Goodbye for now – back next weekend.

cat in a box

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