Issue 111: What happened to The Music Jungle?

Well, I do apologise for the non-appearance of The Music Jungle last weekend.

Three things happened;

1.I was working on Saturday, teaching a music enrichment course for year 2 children (aged around 7). About twenty children came, and a colleague and I spent the day with them on pulse and rhythm games with a fireworks theme.

2.I went out to see friends for the day on Sunday, which took most of the day. He is a vicar of a parish in the neighbouring county, and will be without an organist for their Christmas Carol service this year! So I have been roped in to train up a scratch choir and play the organ for their service. I attended the services at both churches in his parish to meet the congregations and also have a chat with their organist before she disappears to the other side of the world for a couple of months.

3.”Name that Space” – the people who host this site, were moving servers over the weekend. (I’m just repeating what I was told; I only nearly understand what that means, not being a totally “teched-up” person. I’m not sure if that even constitutes a real excuse.)

Anyway, I will have to ensure that there are some mid-week bonus posts to make up for the deficit; meanwhile, I hope you will excuse the Jungle’s absence for a week. Thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, if any of you are “doing” Romans, here’s a little vocal warm-up for you:

sing “Canis meus id comedit” to a descending major scale, eg C’ B A G F E D C. Repeat, starting a semitone lower each time (so I might actually start on about D’ for the first scale). The singing should be measured, relaxed and steady, paying attention to breathing, tone and pitching. The words mean “my dog ate it” in Latin; the traditional answer for queries regarding missing homework. (Thanks to Matthew who taught me this warm up many years ago).

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