Issue 110: Welcome to The Jungle

Half term was over rather quickly – the days flew by in a whirl of essential appointments, seriously over-due house cleaning and working through a back-log on my to-do list.

What about music – what indeed! I’ve had plenty to think about, as you will read. And one of the reasons for the house cleaning was that  have had the pleasure of meeting up with my first “real” piano teacher, Valerie Dickson, who has returned to this side of the world from Australia to visit various friends and family all over Europe.

We hadn’t seen each other for the best part of forty years, and only got in touch a year or so ago, but the lessons I learned way back then have stuck with me, and I find myself saying to my current pupils exactly what she used to say to me. I’ve had the pleasure of some lessons from her while she was here. Valerie does a lot of teaching, master classes and consultation lessons over in Australia, and one of her interests is teaching piano teachers, so I have been very lucky.

I could fill a whole edition of The Jungle with what I learned, but you will have to wait while I let everything settle and give myself time to reflect first.

Reflection has been a theme of half term, in between and during the busy-ness. I received some food for thought from a boy in one of the classes – “Music is boring, boring, boring!” – which set me thinking hard about my lessons.

I’ve also had time for several lovely walks through the Autumn sunshine, which reminded me of a soundscape activity I have done in the past.

Finally, the last week of the half term was such a flurry of last minute dis-organisations, that I thought it was worth sharing ideas for delivering entirely off-the-cuff music lessons with not planning, no facilities, no resources, no instruments, no warning, which is what I ended up having to do on too many occasions.

If you are looking for Rememberance Sunday ideas, I posted them here  a couple of weeks ago.

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