Issue 129: Listen and run

You need to consider how many children, and how much space you have, before you embark on the fully physical version of this game.

I’m currently using it at a music club, with about 15 Keystage 1 children (aged 5-6 years), in a school hall.

We have chosen three places in the hall: CLOCK, PIANO, DOOR TO THE GARDEN. The leader (it used to be me, but now the children take turns to lead) tap the rhythm of the word

TAP – clockNoisy monkey

tap TAP tap – piano

TAP tap-tap TAP TAP – door to the garden

and the children listen, and then run to that part of the hall.

I suppose you could modify it, to play it “on the spot”; SIT, LIE DOWN, STAND UP TALL. That would mean less charging around.

Or maybe the children could hold up words, or pictures; Elephant, Monkey, Bear. Now the game has become static – which, if I were to play it when I am teaching a class of thirty-three Keystage 1 children, in a classroom, might be more manageable.

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