Issue 130: Two new verses for “The Shark Song”

The shark song is a fantastically useful, wildly successful song that I use every Summer Term with years 3,4,5 and 6. I’ve found it to be just a little too gory for younger children, and had to edit some of the verses.

You can find the song here, and one of many lessons I have based on the song here.

I discovered one new verse on You Tube; It comes after the verses for Baby, Mother, Father, Grandma and Grandpa Shark;

“Great White Shark” – the actions are put your hands on your opposite shoulders, crossing your arms. Now lift and lower your top elbow – it makes quite a decent image of a shark mouth opening and closing.

The other new verse was taught to me by a year 5 and 6 class last week.

After verses for Surfer Dude, Shark Attack, Swim for Shore, Lost an Arm, Lost a Leg (now you see the problem with the smaller children!) Lifeguards Run, and CPR;

“No response” – the action is to stand there looking rather like footballer’s do when accused of a foul – baffled expression on face, arms by sides, hands turned palms up.

That just leaves two verses;¬†Gone to heaven, and (spoken – come back….. as a….. ) Baby Shark and round you go again.

I expect there will be many more verses to come in future years.

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