Issue 136: BBC Ten Pieces

I’m planning to use this as the basis for my year 5 6 class music teaching next term.

I write this from almost complete ignorance of what it is all about; I know that the school has ordered the DVD of the pieces, and that there are going to be all sorts of lesson ideas and collaborative projects associated with the project.

Here’s the website

It looks to be a lot of fun.

For once I shall be teaching this class in the classroom which makes it the perfect time to do this. Normally all my music lessons take place in the village hall, next to the school which has the advantage of plenty of space, but absolutely NO access to any kind of projection apart from an old-fashioned over-head projector and screen (remember those?). Year 5 and 6 have just finished a year of Wider Opportunities samba, so it is time for something a little different and this is exactly right.

music is boring!

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