Issue 136: Welcome to the Jungle

Hello, I’m still posting to the Music Jungle, if a little randomly, over the Summer Holidays.

Actually, I’m sort of waiting for my Summer Holidays to begin – the days seemed to have been hi-jacked by appointments and family events. I’m longing for the long, slow hours of doing whatever I feel like doing, when ever I feel like doing it, but they haven’t started yet!

Still, I have whiled away boring commutes by outlining my first month’s planning for Wider Opportunities lessons, inventing a new djembe piece, (and sleeping).

I’ve got to refine the planning and the djembe piece, so I haven’t posted them today. However there are FOUR items in this issue to make up for the delays.


One of the posts concerns learning to read and play music – I found this picture showing where to place your hand on the keyboard so that your thumb is resting on C, and the other fingers are ready to play D E F and G. Other posts cover the BBC Ten Pieces project, a farmer playing the trombone to his cows, and the New Curriculum.

Have a good Summer.


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