Issue 146: Welcome to The Jungle

Hello again – I hope you’ve all had a good time over the Christmas break, and are looking forward to the New Year.

New Year – that means resolutions…

Most of mine are staying the same from previous years;

  • At least one bag (of any size, with any amount of contents) to the charity shop every month
  • Eat Chocolate at least once a week
  • Keep a diary. This was a new resolution for 2014, and I have kept a hand-written diary for the whole year. It’s been good to look back over the day, note down highs, lows, moments to remember. I’ve stuck in pictures or drawn little scribbly sketches from time to time as well.
  • New for this year – practise the piano as well as teach it!. I do so much music teaching every day that I almost stopped practising or playing for pleasure. Time to rectify that.

I could add “Update the Music Jungle” every week, but I never make any resolutions that I don’t think I might be able to keep. So, sorry, that will remain an objective, target, even, but not a Resolution!

‘m working on gathering together all my samba resources onto a page, rather as I have been doing for Ukulele this term. So keep an eye out for it, if you are samba-ing soon.

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