Issue 147: Enough to make one drink

Just a reminder.

I ended up teaching for three hours the other afternoon, instead of just the half an hour I was expecting.

I had planned to have something to drink (hey, I mean tea, or coffee, or water. What were you thinking?) before I started the half-hour lesson, but interruptions along the way meant that it was either get the music copied or have a drink. Photocopying won – after all, in thirty minutes I would be back in the staff room.

Not so.

As I trekked back down the corridor, a teacher caught up with me to let me know that the first year 3 class were ready for me. WHAT? I had been told that they were starting next week.

Not so.

I retraced my steps to face three back-to-back classes of ukuleles, my mind racing as I created the plans for the 40 minute lesson. Halfway through the second lesson, I asked the TA (thank heavens for a TA!) if she would mind fetching me a glass of water. I had thought I was going to manage to get through the afternoon without a drink, but I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to sing, chant, teach, cough and occasionally shout my way through all three lessons.

To my surprise she reappeared with a huge glass jug of water and a glass. To my further surprise I was so thirsty that I had finished it before the end of the afternoon – 5 large glassfuls in all.

So, a gentle reminder. Take a large bottle of water in with you. You might not need it. But you probably should drink it anyway. I had a physiotherapy session to improve my lung function, and the therapist said that I should aim for 2 litres per day in total, and tea and coffee don’t really count. I find it easier to drink water ‘in quantity’ if it is warm or hot, rather than cold, and also from a mug or glass than from a bottle.



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