Issue 149: Welcome to The Jungle

After the disaster (health-wise) that was the last half of term, I was very pleased to get through the week that has just gone.

It is going to take a couple of weeks to build up the “teaching stamina”. I was disconcerted to find myself a bit “at sea” on Monday morning – I think it is because having had so many interruptions to the flow of the lessons as discombobulated my mental grasp of where I was going with each class, and how I was planning to get there.

In a “normal week”, I will teach, at home, or in 8 different schools,

  • 2 samba classes (year 3 and year 4/5)
  • 1 djembe class (year 3)
  • 2 recorder classes (year 2)
  • 1 descant recorder group (year 4)
  • 1 mixed recorder ensemble (year 3,4,5,6)
  • 1 theory group
  • 10 individual piano lessons (age range 5 – 65, level beginner to Grade 8)
  • 1 small group keyboard lesson
  • 2 individual theory lessons
  • 10 ukulele classes (year 3,4,5,6)
  • 3 class music lessons (reception, year 1/2, year 5/6)
  • 1 Music Club (reception, year 1)

So with all that going on, I guess it’s not that surprising that it is a bit of an effort to stay on track!

Anyway, here are three posts on the consequences of last week’s lessons… have a good week

the keyboard snake


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