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This year has been very hit-and-miss for updating The Music Jungle so far. I apologise for anyone who has come along hoping to find something new to read. The first few months were seriously scrambled by various non-music events.

So, here’s to a new term, spring, and a fresh start!

Originally, I had thought of The Music Jungle as being a sort of weekly magazine, updated every weekend. That has worked reasonably well since I started, way back in August 2011. It does take a bit of time to get everything together and typed in, even with all the typos, so now I’m going to try just putting in posts as they come along – maybe daily, maybe weekly, maybe even a rash of posts all in one go.

I’ll do it this way for the up-coming Summer Term, and see how that works.

I’m also gathering together collections of posts on particular areas as new pages. The ukulele page has been up for a while, and the samba one should arrive soon.

I’d be really glad of any feedback…

have a great term,


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