Friday 12th June – Hi There, I’m still here!

I guess this “comment” from the spam box says it all;

Hi admin, i see your blog needs fresh posts. Daily updates will rank your website in google  higher, content is king nowadays. If you are to  lazy to write unique articles everyday you should search in google  for Ightsero’s Essential Tool

well, here I am, and not “to lazy to write unique articles everyday” thank you very much!

I’ve been busy, doing things like teaching, and report-writing, and ClassicFM quizzes to find out if they can guess which instrument I play (violin – wrong) or which is my favourite piece of music (Elgar Enigma variations – wrong again).

If you’ve time to fritter away on trivialities, here’s the link  for the Classic FM quiz page where you too, can see if you can work out which  name is a type of pasta and which is a Composer.

Seriously, just as I thought I was about to expire from a whole week of fairly hectic here-there-and-everywhere thrashing around the county, I was given something that I will treasure;

Thank you card

 Apparently it is National Kindness Day, and one class were asked to make a card for someone that had helped them. Inside is a lovely letter from one of my pupils thanking me for teaching them recorder. Ahhh. Makes it all worthwhile.

So here you go with some more posts about what happens when you try and teach music…


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