66/100 Mexican Wave (1) – The Buzz

I’ve had a bit of a theme going these past few weeks, based on the Mexican Wave. So, the next couple of posts will be around this idea.

So; The Buzz…

Everyone sits in a circle. The goal is to create a continuous buzzing sound travelling round the ring.

I started by initiating a discussion of Mexican waves, what they were, had anyone seen one, or taken part? One class always did a Mexican wave round the class if everyone was at school that day, so they were well clued-up.

Next, we did a variety of activities taking turns around the circle, avoiding long gaps. Like clapping once, or saying your name. The children soon realised that they needed to stay focused; one little lad had obviously gone into a daydream and was completely surprised to find everyone looking at him when the chain came to an abrupt halt.

The Queen Bee


Now, take turns in saying “Buzz” around the circle. Talk about the sound travelling round, like a bee, or a machine

. It becomes easier to keep it going once the children discover various tricks, like turning to face the next person before they run out of “buzz”, and realise that they can stop buzzing as soon as they have passed the sound on.

It took a couple of rounds before the sound started travelling securely – at this point everyone became super keen┬áto keep the sound going.

I was going on to another activity; next time I might try calling “switch” to reverse the direction, or dishing out shakers to everyone and trying the same thing with instruments.

Snake keyboard divider

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