67/100 Mexican Wave (2) Rhythm Wave

Another “use” for the Mexican Wave;

The aim; pick a rhythm, and pass it round the circle without missing a beat. You could choose a spoken phrase, for example

Strawberry Ice Cream

or maybe use a rhythm card. (It has just occurred to me that this might be a way of helping us to learn a song in Welsh that we need to know for the “Young Voices” event at the O2 Arena next January…)

Anyway, the phrase I chose was “A    Mex-i     can-Wave” , with the emphasis on the syllables in bold. I’ve also tried to show the syncopation in the way I’ve spaced out the words.

We practised using voices first, then clapping the rhythm, and then (this was a samba class) playing it on the instruments. It was a good opportunity to assess accuracy in “listen and copy” activity; who came in late, who was early, who was a bit nervous and “fluffed” it, and who performed it as “A Mex-i-can   Wave” – not the same thing at all! Be kind – choose a reasonable tempo, at t least to start with!

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