74/100 The Singing Tummy-Button Success

The last post concerned a young lad in the infant class who consistently sang in a high-pitched version of the more usual drone of children who “haven’t found their singing voice”.

"I hates singing!"

A week later, and I was working with the same class, and I had to look to see if he was actually present – his voice was no longer prominent!

The class teachers, who work with me in the music lessons, used various the tricks that I had tried in the previous lessons throughout the week. The main idea was to relate the pitch of the voice to various parts of the body – growling from your shoes, singing low notes from your knees, medium ones from your tummy-button, and so forth, relating the higher notes to eye-level.

I think that younger children respond well to making a physical connection pitch and movement, and this has certainly done the trick for this young man.

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